There have only been a limited number of books dedicated to the Elan. Although many of the books are currently out of print. Here are the ones that I have found with links to suppliers that still have them in stock.

Lotus Élan: The complete story – Mathew Vale








The latest Elan book to be released. 176 pages covering the whole story of the Elan from its birth in the 1960’s to the M100. Just released on: 16 July 2013 by Crowood Press ltd.

I am still awaiting my copy to arrive.

  • ISBN-10:1847975100
  • ISBN-13: 978-1847975102


Lotus Elan (Osprey collector’s library) –  Mark Hughes


Published by Osprey Publishing (May 1992). Contains 192 pages and tells the full story of the Lotus Elan, with the co-operation of the company. The book contains revelations from the boardroom on political pressure during possible take-overs and the founder’s involvement in the De Lorean affair. The book also includes a foreword by the chairman of Lotus.  One of the most sought after books, often being traded at over £100         ISBN-10: 1855321947 ISBN-13: 978-1855321946

Currently 7 available used from Amazon UK prices starting at  £59.94Or in the USA from $140.23


Lotus Elan– Bruno Alfieri

This is the story of the Lotus Elan, the first completely new model from the prestigious British marque since 1975.  Bruno Starts out the review with a look at the “British Sports Car” and gives a very good overview of how the idea of the Elan came about and the people responsible from the first idea. Starting with the M90 clay model and single prototype car. Information on the “Etna” project and the X100 which finally led to the delopment and Birth of our loved M100. Bruno then goes on to offer some of the Technical specifications and a Driving Impressions review.  72 pages of superbly written text with numerous colour photographs. It will probably only take a couple of hours to read but well worthy of reserving a space on your book shelf if you do not already own this book. Available in several languages.  Published by La Collection (1992). ISBN: 8885880819 (english edition), ISBN: 8885880614 (Italian edition), ISBN: ISBN 8885880827 (French edition).

Curently available in the uk (in Italian) for £9.99or in English for £12.25

Lotus Elan & Se– Colin Pitt

LOTUS ELAN AND ELAN SE. Road Tests and Comparison Tests on the Lotus Elan and Elan SE. (Paperback) Published by C P Press, ISBN: 1841555436.  210mmx95mm. 60 pages (47 pages on the car, 13 pages on The Men behind Lotus including the Racing Drivers. Mostly reprints of Road Tests from 1989/90 motoring magazines.  Well illustrated but photographs rather grainy.

Available in the UK prices starting at £7.65or $14.94in the US


Lotus Elan and SE 1990-1992 (Brooklands Books Road Test Series)–  R.M. Clarke

This is a book of contemporary road tests, driver’s impressions & buying second hand. 100 pages, 200 illustrations. Published by Brooklands Books Ltd ( April 1994).         ISBN: 1855202328
Available in the UK from £24.50or in the US for $30.63


The Lotus Book Series 3–  William Taylor (2004)

A complete History of Lotus Cars, 50th anniversary special. 316 pages. It combines unique new photographic material with archive photographs, period brochures, contemporary advertisments, accurate technical data and concise histories of every type of Lotus car ever made.  From the Mark1 trials car through some of the most innovative, controversial and technically advanced competition cars the world has ever seen, to the very latest road going supercars such as the type115, they are all here with high quality color photography recording each and every Lotus design built from 1948 to 1999.  Published by Coterie Press Ltd; 3Rev Ed edition (15 Nov 2004).                    ISBN: 1902351134

Colin Chapman: Inside the Innovator–  Karl Ludvigsen


Colin Chapman was one of the greatest ever creative forces in the automotive world but he left behind a mixed legacy. Was he an unparalleled innovator who advanced the state of the art of sports and racing cars? Or was he an uninhibited exploiter of the uncredited ideas of others? In death as well as life Colin Chapman excites fevered debate about his achievements and methods. Now Karl Ludvigsen gets to grips with the legend, digging deep beneath the skin of Chapman and his cars to explore and expose the motivations that drove this mercurial genius.                                                  Published by Haynes Publishing (6 May 2010). Hardback, 400 pages.                     ISBN-10:1844254135, ISBN-13: 978-1844254132

Available in the UK for £23 or in the US for about $37


Lotus Since the 70’s: Elite, Eclat, Excel, Elan v. 1: A Collector’s Guide– Mark Hughes

Published by Temple Press (15 May 1987). Paperback, 112 pages  Temple Press, 1987 The cars covered in this book form the “first generation” of Lotuses, built before 1975. Profusely illustrated.                                                                                               ISBN-10:0600552071, ISBN-13: 978-0600552079

Available in the UK for £6 or in the US for $37


Lotus: the Legend– David Hodges

In the years immediately after the Second World War, two students at University College Cambridge, London, one of whom was Colin Chapman, bought and sold cars as a sideline. This business eventually declined and their stockholding was reduced to a single 1930 Austin Seven, which Chapman rebuilt into a trials car. He chose to call this car Lotus Mk 1. The reason why was never explained. National Service in the RAF interrupted his plans and he eventually completed the first Lotus Sports Car at Silverstone in 1950, giving him a new passion. This book is the continuing story of that passion and the development the now world famous sports car brand – Lotus. Published by Parragon Plus (1997), Hardback, 80 pages.                                                            ISBN-10:0752520741, ISBN-13: 978-0752520742

Currently available in the UK for £0.01 and in the US for $0.01 Grab a bargain while still at this price.


The Lotus Book – collectables– William Taylor

Through 50 years of Lotus Cars The Lotus Book: Collectables is the most compehensive history of Lotus memorabilia ever put together.                                   Over the years many enthusiasts in many countries have formed vast collections of Lotus ephemera, of Lotus-related racing souvenirs, of scale models – some good and it has to be said others not so good. Much of it is extremely rare and valuable, some of it less so, but all of it goes towards telling the same extraordinary story in this stunning 256 page 30x30cm hardback book. The 1500 superb colour images are laid out by type number in the same style as The Lotus Book. Publication Date: 1 Dec 2000.       ISBN-10: 1902351010, ISBN-13: 978-1902351018

Prices start from £8 in the UK to $11 in the US
Colin Chapman: The Man and His Cars – Gerard Crombac

This is the authorised autobiography written by Gerard Ceombac.
From small beginnings in North London in 1947, Colin Chapman went on to build the world-famous, multi-million pound Lotus car company. He also established himself, in Jackie Stewart’s words, as ‘the greatest, most creative designer of racing cars in the history of motor racing’. Written with the full co-operation of his widow and the Lotus company, 384 Pages. Originally published 20 Oct 1986 and reissued in 2001 to meet continuing public interest, this is the definitive biography of the brilliant engineer described by Enzo Ferrari as ‘so talented because of his ability to produce ideas ahead of his time’.  ISBN-10:0850597331, ISBN-13: 978-0850597332
Available in the UK for £15 or in the US for $15

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