I believe. We all love to see pictures of well maintained Élans. If you would like your car included in the gallery. Please email me your pictures, Preferably in High resolution. And add a brief description of you, your car and your location. If you would like it included in the description.

I’ll start this page with a picture of of my car. I’m sure everyone can take better pictures than me.

Please email any pictures you would like to submit to the Gallery

Cars in Bahrain

Web site owner and aircraft engineer. 1992 Lotus Elan M100. Pacific Blue. LHD.      First acquired the car in 2002.  Located in Muharraq, Bahrain.

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Cars in the UK

Helen Baxter, Somerset, England

An outstanding example of a Calypso Red. Super clean, with probably one of the most sought after registrations in the UK.







Cars in Korea

Kim Seong Min. Korea.

A superb example of the Kia Elan. Heavily modified. But still looking superb.