Although the interwebs are filled with sites from clubs and Lotus Elan owners like myself, IF you are a new owner I would personally recommend visiting the following sites.

If you already have a website dedicated to the M100 and I don’t have it listed, please get in touch with me.

UK Sites

Lotus Elan Central

The Mecca for all Lotus Elan M100 owners. The worlds best information on the M100.  Whatever you are searching for. It’s probably listed there. Either on the Wiki or in the Forum.

 USA Sites

Golden gate Lotus Club

Another very well respected club that has been around for over 40 years. Not strictly a M100 site but they offer news of local events, Lotus related news and parts cross references for all lotus cars, including the M100 (which comes in very handy)!

Hosts the largest database of Elan M100’s in the US. If you are thinking of buying an Elan in the US then checking out this site is a must! If you are in the US and have any questions related to the M100 then I would recommend contacting the owner of this site. John is as an active member of the LEC (Lotus Elan Central) and the registrar for the M100 in North America.

Loony  Lotus owners club, New York.

Not M100 specific site, but offers info on upgrades and cars for sale in North America.


Of course do not forget the Home of Lotus. Where you can find all of the latest news, brochures and tweets that Lotus has to offer.

Must see: Links on YouTube

The Lotus Elan M100 restoration series of videos from Toby Lenehan. Comprehensive instructions of “how to do” all of the common repairs on the Elan. Form headlights to seat belts, plus download instructions for the STL files for 3D printing your own obsolete parts.  Toby has it all covered. If you own an Elan. Watch and learn.

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