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Despite the fact that most Lotus M100s are around 30 years old, parts for the Lotus M100 are still available from multiple places:

I have also had several obsolete parts remanufactured. Please see my Web Shop for details.

In the UK, you can still order a large assortment of parts from your local Lotus dealer and occasionally, Lotus (the company) offers a special “Aftersales” list of deeply discounted parts for all of the older models.

There are also several “Specialist” parts suppliers such as:

  • Stratton Motor Company – Stratton Motors. The place where I buy my spare parts. Located close to Lotus HQ. The most helpful dealer you will find.
  • SJ Sports Cars – Devon – SJ Sportscars.  parts catalogue available with prices.
  • Paul Matty – Bromsgrove – Paul Mattys
  • Bell & Colvill Ltd – Online parts catalogue
  • Christopher Neil Ltd. – Christopher Niels
  • South West Lotus Centre Ltd in Devon –  South West Lotus
  • Kelvedon Lotus Ltd. – Kelvedon  Recommended for Parts, service and repair
  • Rock Auto – UK site – Rock auto.  Aftermarket engine parts. Although the Elan is listed. Look under 1991 Isuzu Impulse for a larger selection of engine parts Discount code valid till April 23rd 2017: 5782283551557383
  • DeRoure ltd – DeRoure. (Offer an easy to use online parts catalougue. with current prices or information if the part is obsolete.

In the US, you can also order most of the “Dealer Supplied” parts from any US dealer who will get them from Lotus US (who get the parts from Lotus UK).

Or if you prefer to find your worldwide local Lotus dealer use the Lotus dealer finder

In the US, there are also a few independent companies specialising in the M100 parts that I would recommend checking out.

  • LotusM100.com – High Performance replacement parts that are No Longer available from Lotus. Upgraded shift cable & short shift kits plus many more parts
  • Dave Bean Engineering – California –  Dave Bean
  • LotusM100 Parts – LotusM100parts. New & used parts Available.
  • St Charles Auto –  St Charles. Isuzu dealer. Usefull for engine parts. Call the parts department and ask for Merlin. (Isuzu parts catalogue) Isuzu part numbers are the same as GM part numbers except they start with “8-“
  • Rock Auto –  Rock Auto.  Good selection of aftermarket engine parts at affordable prices. (parts listed under 1991 Lotus Elan and 1991 Isuzu Impulse) Discount code valid till April 23rd 2017: 5782283551557383

All of these companies have displayed a great love of the M100 and go out of their way to provide quality repair parts for your car.


Unfortunatly, a time will come when the part that you desperatly need is obsolete and not available. If  the Links above and LEC members can not help out and you are prepared to pay a high price for the part. Then there is always ebay or the breakers yards.

  • ElanM100.com –  I have a LHD donor car that has lots of parts available.  It was a poor 1992 very low mileage BRG car that I found abandoned. No engine / gearbox and limited interior parts. Please contact me for any parts that you require and I see if I can help.


  • Douglas Vally Breakers – Probably the largest Elan graveyard in the world. They sell on ebay under the seller name stevestrange007 or douglasvallybreakersltd. I am not recomending them. Only letting you know they are there.

If like me, your car is not in either the UK or US, Aramex offer a hassle free shop and ship service which gives you a mailing address in the UK, US and China and is an excellent way to get parts delivered from the those countries direct to your door.

Fortunately, as Lotus was owned by General Motors (GM) at the time the Elan went into production. They had a large parts bank of already available GM parts. They also used many parts from Renault & Ford.

I will soon be offering a large database of GM part numbers with links to the Lotus part numbers.

Please check out the interchangeable parts section when it is added shortly.

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