Parts cross reference

The Elan uses a lot of parts from several other vehicles that were already in production at the time of it’s development. As more and more parts become obsolete at Lotus. It is getting more difficult to find replacement parts.

With special thanks to John at LotusM100 Who has spent many hours expanding on and correcting the information. Below is a list of known parts that have been confirmed to be from the original source. The list is to be used only as a guide. I accept no responsibly for any mistakes.  Last updated: 09 May 2015

Parts cross reference
Description Category Lotus part no OEM OEM part no Isuzu part no Alt part no Also used on/ comments
Aerial Assy, Radio (early) Electrical B100M0122F Blaupunkt / Bosch 7691270001
Aerial Assy, Radio (later) Electrical A100M6171F Eurotech
Aerial Assy, Radio Electric Electrical A100M6127F Bosch Replacement: Metra 44-PW22
Aerial Mast, Radio (early) Electrical A100M0170S Blaupunkt / Bosch 8698114571
Air Conditioning Pump R12 Engine, Accessories A100E6113F ZEXEL 509630-8505 model dks-13G
Air Filter Element Engine, Induction A100E6273H Renault 8671002663 Fram –
Air Vent, Inner Interior A100P6010F Ford 81DB18C400AA Ford Cargo 0831
Alternator Engine, Electrical A100E6029S Nippon Denso 100211-3990 8970197300 Isuzu Impulse 1990
Belt, Accessory Alternator Engine, Belts A100E6031F 94139067 8941390670 Bando Rib-Ace  4PK 685
Belt, Accessory With A/C Engine, Belts A100E6058F 94362-732 894362-7320 Bando Rib-Ace 6PK1045
Belt, Accessory Without A/C Engine, Belts A100E6131F GM 94364580 8943645800 Bando Rib-Ace  6pk945
Belt, Timing Engine, Belts A100E6170S 94429485 8944294850 Gates T169, ACDelco TB169
Blank, Switch Double Electrical A100M6007F Switchcraft  GM 90260001 1234760 Vauxhall / Opel:  Carlton, Astra,   Senator (1990).
Blank, Switch Single Electrical A100M6006F Switchcraft GM 90229449 Vauxhall / Opel:  Carlton, Astra,   Senator (1990).
Blower Motor Interior A100P0107F Denso TD2771 -022 Mitsubishi Eclipse (91). ACI 334716, EVERCO M4716, Four Seasons 35370,   Murray 209253, AC Delco 15-8913. This motor is Siemens VDO PM3781.
Boot, Outer CV Joint Gearbox, Drivetrain A100R6004S Renault 8671002726
Brake Disk, Front Wheels & Brakes A100J6003F Renault 8671002726 Pontiac LeMans 2.0L vented
Clip, Orange (Red), Door Lock Interior A100B6151H GM GM 90286850 Opel 134793 Vauxhall / Opel: Carlton Senator
Expansion Tank Engine, Cooling A100K6007F GM 90128691       13-04-618 Vauxhall Corse A, Tigra
Expansion Tank Cap Engine, Cooling A100B0661F GM 90467472 Vauxhall Corse A, Tigra
Fan, Radiator Cooling Engine, Cooling A100K0017F Renault A100K6024F Renault 25
Filter, Fuel Engine, Fuel A910E6929F ACDELCO GF-481
Glove Box Lock (Locking) S2 Interior C100V6004F GM Astra / Carlton
Glove Box Lock (Locking) SE Interior B100V6004F GM Astra / Carlton
Glove Box Lock (Non-Locking) Interior A082U7985F GM 90272984 Astra / Carlton
Glove Box Lock Retainer Interior A100V6005F GM  90185448 Astra / Carlton
Glove Box Lock Spring Clip Interior B100V0348F GM 90185448 Astra / Carlton
Ignition Coil (Na) Engine, Ignition A100E6040F ACDELCO DR37
Ignition Coil (Turbo) Engine, Ignition A100E6084F ACDELCO DR39 MSD 8224
Injector, Fuel – NA Engine, Induction A100E6574S Bosch/Delphi 17086611 8170866110 Standard FJ31 / Rock Auto MFI31
Injector, Fuel – Turbo Engine, Induction A100E6574S Bosch/Delphi 17086611 8170866110 Standard FJ559 / Rock Auto MFI559
Lock Set, S2 LHD Exterior B100U6055F
Lock Set, S2 RHD Exterior A100U6063F
Lock Set, SE Exterior A100U6033F
Pulley, Idler For Timing Belt Engine A100E6211S GM 94423331 8944233311 Gates T42001 NSK 60STD61DWAX
Pulley, Tensioner For Timing Belt Engine A100E6214S GM 94362435 8943624350 Gates T41027 NSK 6006DWAX
Fuel pump Engine, Fuel B100L0031H P-240KC Walbro GSS341
Reservoir Cap, Brake Master Cylinder Wheels & Brakes A100J6077F Saab 93189060 93 Saab
Reservoir, Power Steering Fluid Steering A100E6137F Rover
Seal, Rear Axle Wheels & Brakes A100D6012F
Sensor, MAP Engine, Sensors A100E6054F GM 16009886 Wells SU-129
Sensor, MAT Engine A100E6283F ACDELCO GM 213-192 25037334
Switch, Air Con Electrical B100M6005F Switchcraft Vauxhall / Opel:  Carlton, Astra,   Senator (1990).
Switch, Brake Light Electrical A089M6019F Ford 82GB-13480-AA XBL532, BS4570 Ford Escort, Fiesta 1983 -1998
Switch, Door Mirror Electrical A100M6040F GM GM 90433893 Vauxhall / Opel:  Corsa (93 –   02)
Switch, Fog lamps Electrical B100M6004F Switchcraft GM 90213299 Vauxhall / Opel:  Carlton, Astra,   Senator (1990).
Switch, Hazard Electrical B100M6016F Switchcraft
Opel Part #: 1241649
GM Part #:
90213284  90316822
Vauxhall / Opel:  Carlton, Astra,   Senator B (1990).
Switch, Indicator / High Beam Not SIR Electrical A100M6048F GM 9181010
Switch, Indicator / High Beam SIR Electrical A082M6455F GM
Switch, Window Lift Electrical A100M6997F Switchcraft GM 90282849 Vauxhall / Opel:  Carlton, Astra,   Senator (1990).
Thermostat Engine, Cooling A100E6176S Stant 29858 (82 deg)
Track rod End Gearbox, Drivetrain A100H6024S Febi Brillstein 04452 / Delphi TA770 VW Golf MK1,
Valve Stem Oil Seals Engine A100E6197F GM 94324158 8943241581
Water Pump Engine A100E6127F 97031473 8970314730 BECK/ARNLEY: 1312115
Water Pump, Electric Engine, Accessories A100K6018F Bosch Mercedes Benz 190D (84-89) Hose cap will need to be replaced
Wheel Bearing, Front Wheels & Brakes A100C6009F SKF BAHB 311396B SKF Kit – VKBA 736
Wheel Bearing, Rear Inner Wheels & Brakes A100D6008F SKF SKF 331224 SKF Kit – VIBA 529
Wheel Bearing, Rear Outer Wheels & Brakes A100D6009F SKF SKF K-LM-11749/Q SKF Kit – VKBA 529
Windshield Wiper Arm Cap Exterior, Trim A082M6380F Land Rover PRC8253
Wiper Blades Exterior Renault 8671000036