headlight motor repair

The elan uses the Ford/Chrysler style headlight motor as found in the 87-92 Pontiac Fiero, 88-96 Corvette and 90-92 Toronado Trofeo.  Replacement parts and repair kits are readily available from my web shop

The most common problem with the motors is the the 3 delrin drive bushings break up and need to be replaced.  Although it may be possible to do the job with the motors installed I chose to remove them from the car. First unclip the electrical connector, disconnect the actuating link from the motor arm. The wheel arch liners will need to be removed to gain access to 2 of the 3 mounting bolts.

The motors are handed but principal of repair is similar.  L/H motor is more tricky to disassemble due to the lip of the gear having to be forced past the worm drive.

Once you have the motors removed, remove the 3 1/4″ bolts on the cover and press out the plastic gear and shaft. Chances are that your bushings will now look like this.

Clean everything, then re-grease, install new bushings and reassemble. Hopefully this will fix those droopy lights for the next 20 years of flashing :

Check out Elan M100 restoration series you tube video on replacing them here: Headlight Motor bushing replacement

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